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Thionyl Chloride

Product name Thionyl chloride
CAS RN 7719-09-7
Molecular formula SOCl2
Molecular weight 118.97
Structural formula
Technical Index
  Top grade First grade Qualified product
Appearance colorless Colorless or light yellow Colorless or light yellow
density 1.630-1.650 1.630-1.650 1.630-1.650
Boiling range 75-80 ° C% (V / V) ≥ 99.0 98.5 98.0
Executive standard HG/T3788-2005
Packing Tanker or 300 kg per barrel
Meets corporate standards
  • Colorless or light yellow irritating odor transparent liquid
  • Density 1.640g/cm3
  • Melting point -104 ° C
  • 76 ° C boiling point at standard atmospheric pressure
  • Soluble in benzene, chloroform, carbon tetrachloride
  • Can dissolve certain metal iodides
  • When heated to 150 degrees, it decomposes into chlorine, sulfur dioxide and sulfur monochloride.
Main Uses
  • Mainly used in the manufacture of acyl chlorides
  • Can be used in the production of pesticides, pharmaceuticals, dyes, food additives, etc.
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